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|| oM || saktum iva tita_unA punanto yatra dhIrA manasA vAcam akrata |

atrA sakhAyasH sakhyAni jAnate bhadraiSAM lakSmIr nihitAdhi vAci || (from Rgveda 10.071 )

"Ausserhalb der Sprachwissenschaft winkt keine Rettung!" (from the depths of the internet abyss)


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|| sarveSAM sukhamM bhavatu ||

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The zivasUtra are the following fourteen sUtras. Rule Adirantyena explains how to use them.

a i uN |

R Lk |

e oG |

ai auc |

ha ya va raT |

laN |

Ja ma Ga Na nam |

jha bhaJ |

gha Dha dhaS |

ja ba ga Da daz |

kha pha cha Tha tha ca Ta tav |

ka pay |

za Sa sar |

hal |

The letters at the end of each line are labels and don't count. So are all the a that come right after a consonant.

These fourteen lines are called mAhezvarANi sUtrANi, or zivasUtrANi, because and old legend tells that pANini heard them from ziva and they inspired him the whole grammar. To this day, all students of Sanskrit grammar start their study by memorizing them.

I see that the label N appears in two places, and the letter h in two places too. Are those mistakes?


How come the sounds H and M do not appear in the list? The sure appear in the alphabetical order list.

Those two are not "proper letters". They have a sort of second-class-citizenship in the alphabet, because they are just replacement sounds of s r m n. No nounbase, no root and no affix contains any M or H.

798 letters. -- 10DzivasUtra.bse 1 -- popularity 17

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