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Monier Monier-Wiliams
ApTe dictionary
sanskrit hyphen trikashaivism dot com
ashtadhyayi dot com
spokensanskrit dot org
sanskritdictionary dot com at Auroville.
pANini research tool

(onlinedictionaries) (on)

online dictionariesmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1600


auroville dictionary -- searches the mmw and the ApTe


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75 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 241 -- popularity 5

1558 alphabetical order

1594 Sanskrit processing tools

(@mmw) (@mm)

Monier Monier-Wiliamsmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1601

The MMW, or Monier-Monier Williams Sanskrit-English dictionary, was published in 1899. You can consult it online here --


or here --

Auroville dictionary.

195 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 293 -- popularity 9

675 Some roots shorten !A before /Nic.

778 !RR of @root to !ir.

900 (Optionally @nexttolast) !R !RR to !R (before /Nic plus /caG).

970 Delete !s !k that start a @cluster that is (before @serious) or is @wordfinal.

1296 /seT /aniT /veT

1600 online dictionaries

1605 spokensanskrit dot org

1610 some books

(/ApTe) (/ApT)

ApTe dictionarymmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1602

Online Sanskrit-English dictionary at uni-Köln --

Apte Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1890

Online English-Sanskrit dictionary at uni-Köln --

Apte Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary

The English Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia on Vaman Shivram Apte is quite sparse, but see also the Sanskrit version of the page.

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206 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 316 -- popularity 2

1468 spelling of /Am'' verbs

(sanskrithyphentrikasha) (sanskrio)

sanskrit hyphen trikashaivism dot commmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ 1603

A website about shaivism, yoga and Sanskrit. Has lessons.

With translations to English, Russian, Hungarian and Português brasileiro. home page

Sanskrit lessons here

113 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 348 -- popularity 1

1589 websites about Sanskrit

(@ashtadhyayidotcom) (@as)

ashtadhyayi dot commmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ M- C+ 1604

The website

explains many sutras, giving examples and modern commentary. To get to that website's page about a rule, look for the rule here in this website and click the pANini-stamp icon atop it. It lookssort of like this, just way smaller --

pANini stamp

These pages too rock --

dhAtupATha at ashtadhyayidotcom

gaNapATha at ashtadhyayidotcom

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237 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 366 -- popularity 3

1334 @ashtadhyayidotcom /gaNapATha

1597 @Ashtadhyayidotcom /dhAtupATha.

(@spokensanskrit) (@spo)

spokensanskrit dot orgmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1605

spokensanskrit is the online dictionary at learnsanskrit dot cc .

It is easy to use, because you can mispell A as a and it still finds the same things.

But it usually finds too much. If you know how to spell correctly what you are looking for, use the auroville dictionary instead, or the mmw.

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279 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 396 -- popularity 2

1593 learnsanskrit dot org

(@auroville) (@aur)

sanskritdictionary dot com at Auroville.mmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1606

The auroville dictionary is a version of the mmw hosted at --

sanskrit dictionary dot com

The bottom of that page has a link to the pANini research tool .

Its advantage over using the mmw at uni-koeln is that you can type gacchati and it finds the root gam.

But if you already know that the root of gacchati is gam, then use uni-koeln, it's WAY better.

Words such as saGMgrAma "battle" are spelled in my website with a blue G. Yet, auroville will NOT find saGgrama. You must spell it in the correct way, as saMgrAma, for auroville to work. wafti.

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425 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 427 -- popularity 8

1490 HKL transliteration

1500 pronunciation of !L

1605 spokensanskrit dot org

1611 /kAzikA

1616 Srisa Chandra Vasu

1710 how to find the class of a @verb

(pANiniresearchtool) (pA)

pANini research toolmmmmmmmmm glosses glosses ^ C+ 1607

The link " pANini Research Tool " at the bottom of

sanskritdictionary dot com

has translations, commentaries and audio of all pANini rules.

To go quickly to their page about the rule ikoyaNaci, go first to my ikoyaNaci page and then click the snail icon.

180 letters. -- 91000websites.bse 466 -- popularity 4

1589 websites about Sanskrit

1606 sanskritdictionary dot com at Auroville.

1611 /kAzikA

1616 Srisa Chandra Vasu

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